Posted: Martie 17, 2007 in Aberatii

There are times when thoughts of you cross my mind, like a racing car, with the speed of light.. can see you only for a second and even make me miss you, make me want to look for your phone number that I will surely recognize, that I will surely remember. „Could I speak to..” but I never even get to look for your number, perhaps I’m afraid I’ll really call and hear your damned voice will make me miss you.
Oh, it’s march, that explains it.. almost april, even.
Fortunately it never lasts long it’s like when I feel to puke in the morning after a glass of water. Sour mouth, dizzy, and I need badly to pass to something else.
Just like in the morning, I’m more vulnerable at times and those times your memory decides to come back, to haunt me and I’m sure it would please you damn much to know it. But you won’t, no need for that. I should just stop drinking water in the morning and stick to my milk & chocolate.

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