celui iubit

Posted: Mai 1, 2007 in Ganduri

( copyright me, pentru ca sunt ideile mele, desi versurile de la diverse formatii.. tin la ce am scris chiar daca nu e cine stie ce.. )

It’s between you and me now, who will save you? Who will save your soul?
It’s between you and me and we have just begun, for so long I have desired this.. starting this long road along with you.
But there is more to this than we want to accept, there is more than just what we have for each other.
Hear your heart beat in a friendly pace, lying next to you, my thoughts wander about, looking for answers, while my heart stopped beating, I won’t allow anything to bother your sleep. It’s all so silent, a deadly silence surrounding us, and it couldn’t be any better, time stopped, only for us, only because it’s what I asked for.
I can see you, I can see us, lying there, waiting for time to restart, waiting for everything that awaits us. But until then..
You should know there’s no escape from me. You chose me, there no turning back, you can’t take back what you gave.. it would be stealing. I won’t allow you.. You don’t have the right to leave me, and you shall be forever mine, as I shall be forever yours. The stigma of your kiss lays now on my lips, your caresses scarred my skin, your breath burnt my lungs, just as your love made my heart depend on you. You can’t leave, we’re at the beginning, we will continue together, you may just follow me, though I don’t know where I’m going, I only know there’s you I need next to me, be there when I’ll be turning my head, when I will want to reach you, I’ll just have to call.. never to be afraid I’ll fall, you’ll be there to catch me.
I don’t want to know what’s life without you, what it means to miss you, I want you, here, now, tomorrow, forever.
I’ve heard this life is overrated.. I don’t need it, all I need is you; I can quit life any second now, but only to know you will follow, only to know that you, my darling will die, die, along, to know that you will follow me.
Selfish, that’s for sure.

But I have a lot to give, you have me, you won’t need other friends anymore, I’ll be here for you, I’ll be everything you need, everything you want.
Oh, how quiet, quiet the world can be when it’s just you and little me, everything is clear and everything is new.. so you won’t be leaving.. will you? Would you dare leaving my side, abandoning me? Nothing can tear us apart.. humans, space.. not even time.
No one can have more than I do. I wanted life, I wanted you, only the very best… reasonable request. That will be it, I am yours, you shall be mine, it’s settled, it can’t be any other way, not without more sacrifice, not without giving up my soul, my everything.

So you shall remain by my side, be it silence, be it deafening sounds; be it rain, be it sun; be it night, be it day; be it here, be it there.. now or then.. but it shall be forever, and never will be nothing but a myth. You shall stay here, we will return to innocence, we will start from the very beginning, there will only be you and me, there will be nothing else, for… nothing else matters.


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