Let me be…

Posted: Iunie 18, 2009 in Criptat

Tonight.. let me be your Clementine.. your tangerine.

Let me forget you, allow me to erase you little by little. From the last moment I had you next to me, to the one I met you.

Let me erase all the times I’ve cried and I wish I would have never allowed you know that.

Allow me to forget, forever, all the presents I got from you, let me burn them along with all the clothes that still wear your perfume and your touch. About that.. I should throw away my skin, or burn every little bit of me that your fingers caressed, that your lips kissed.

Let me erase all the music I have from you. I’ll even throw away my iPod, there’s nothing much left that way. And I’ll remove all the sweet words you told me, with those songs. Let me erase the feeling I had when I knew I was the most beautiful woman to you, when I used to believe, a little, your words, as to how perfect I was.. even if it was only for you.

Let me erase all the pictures I’ve taken all these years, all the things I could see because you were there. And I’ll erase as well all the stories I know about each place I’ve seen or that you’ve made me wish to see, through your pictures.

I should remove as well all the letters I’ve written, all the days I’ve dreamed about you, all the plans I’ve made for us, all the hopes I had and shattered.

Let me erase it all from the begining and all the way to the end, I’ll save us some fights, some tears, some years, some dreams, some stories, too many memories and plenty of things to say.

Let me erase you, let me be me, whole, yet unwholesome.

(fictiune; too much Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind)


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