It takes two to tango

Posted: Ianuarie 27, 2013 in Ganduri

Dear Mr. Sawyer…
…wrong picture, same story.

It all begins with a good deed,
which never goes unpaid.
It goes on with stories and secrets
which always had their place.
But it all ends with seeing.
Seeing what should not be seen,
seeing what cannot be unseen,
hearing what cannot be unheard,
feeling what cannot be unfelt,
smelling what reeks of a sweet perfume
on the wrong skin.

Dear Mr. Sawyer
you have stolen a part of my life.
Dear Mr. Sawyer
you stepped on what I held dear.
Dear Mr. Sawyer
I’ll never have the guts to spill out my heart
in front of you,
my words will never cover it all up.
Dear Mr. Sawyer,
you wished you could do something big,
you just did.
Dear Mr. Sawyer
you have betrayed me.
That’s what it’s all about,
treacherous words covered up with smiles and pretenses,
touches and looks,
promises and vows,
all crumbled, all burned to the ground.

Dear Mr. Sawyer
you failed to kill me.
You did kill ten years,
but those had passed anyway.
You did kill all hope I could hold
in you, in the others, in human kind.
You did kill more than I could ever
make you imagine.
You have more blood on your hands
than your fake self wants to admit.

But dear Mr. Sawyer
you will stay the other one.
You will be the one that came after.
You will be the filthy one.
You will be pointed at.
You will be weighed and compared.
You will be the other one that cannot be.
You will be the stain, the sin, the shame.
You will be all I could never be, all I was desired to become.
You will be the one that stole something that you cannot own.
You will keep on wishing for what others have,
what they had built.

Dear Mr. Sawyer, you are nothing but the other one.


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