Ignorance is bliss

Posted: Februarie 25, 2013 in Ganduri


( 17.02.2013)
My greatest fears and demons
Hide behind locked doors
and all the unknown.
No, ignorance is never bliss
and what I do not know will hurt
me more
than what ypu’d like to believe.

My greatest fears and demons
have human face and
wear their smile perched way up and
smell of sweet, rotten betrayal.

My greatest fears and demons
awaken other fears, summon other demons,
sharpen up my claws and
make all my thorns
poke through my skin.

My greatest fears and demons
are locked behind faded light and
keep me awaken and
thinking of all
that I do not know.

My greatest fears and demons
stick to all the unknown and
fake their smiles, their cries.
But my greatest fears and demons
will always be more than a faux-self.

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