Posted: iunie 18, 2013 in Ganduri

I want you.
For the nights when you feel empty,
For the mornings that are hazy.

I want you.
To replace the mirror in which you see yourself.
To help you walk when your knees are shaking.

I want you.
When your body’s no longer material.
When the world crashes loudly right behind you.

I want you.
To show you beauty when you think it’s gone.
To show you you’re needed, when you feel you’ve let down.

I want you.
For the bitter morning coffee has no meaning otherwise.
For smoking will only be guilt.

I want you.
There are still cloudy days, and too much rain.
There are nights that are too long.

I want you.
Learning again how to walk, before running.
Learning again how to smile, before loving.

I want you.
For we need to discover new flavours.
For we need to meet new worlds.
For we need to find the places to hide, just to see better.
For we need to live on.
For we need to love on.
For we have dreams that haven’t shattered, we just need to build them from scrap.

I want you.
For our broken limbs that need mending,
for our broken shells that we still walk on,
for the misstrust we know too well,
for the desire we haven’t explored,
for the fears that still lie beneath our beds.

I want you
For we have to find ourselves.


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