D day

Posted: august 5, 2013 in Criptat

Defy me,
Deify you.
Du hast mich.

Display publicly your affection,
Drive the nail to the bone.
Dust up conventions,
Dug up old scars.

Destroy the past,
Deconstruct the myths.

Deal the cards anew,
Dream of despicable aces,
Discard the bully.
Decide upon: right or left? (or was it „wrong”?)

Destruction, you feared,
Death weighed upon you,
Denial was your answer.
Delightful misery.

Drumming fingers on
Dirty deeds.
Dire needs.
Dormant delusion.

Delay no longer,
Dwell no more,
Dumbfound dull destiny.

( 04/08/2013; 12 days in advance)


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