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Posted: august 24, 2013 in Ganduri

Ten is but a number,
that’s how it will remain.

Have I any regrets, is it just pain?

You know I’m good with details,
I know them all, those 24 hours.
It was at 3 o’clock,
we got it all wrapped up,
without the „you may kiss…”

How come it never struck you?

Was it all happy, was it all joy?
We each hold a different story,
just as we made very different ends.
This too shall come to pass,
today will fall into oblivion,
water will pass under the bridges I burnt,
things will remain untold.

Lies I tell myself,
lies you want to make mine,
lies that kept us apart,
lies that pulled you together.

I wish you happiness,
I wish you can smile again,
I wish you the life you’ve always wanted.
Never know my pain, never feel it,
it’s too much of a burden.
But for your sake, I wish you never feel.


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