Terms and conditions

Posted: august 24, 2013 in Ganduri

Fear not, beloved. Your golden cage awaits, filled with all you can wish for. I’m all you could ever need, this is safety. This is love.

How do you teach love?
What are the guidelines,
the terms, the FAQ?

How can you love?
What do you have to do,
the butterflies…do they…
just happen?

When do you learn that
your conditions
can never be accepted?

When do you find you have to
write that contract

How do you detach the strings?
How do you follow,
how can you be followed?

Why would you constrict,
why would you obey?

How do you draw love?
How do you attract the loved one?
How do you make it yours?
How do you domesticate it?
How do you make it stay?
How do you keep it alive?
( 24/08/2013)


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